Zappiti Pro 4K HDR


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Pro 4K HDR video přehrávač

Chipset Realtek RTD1295 CPU Quad core Operating System 64-Bit (A63) Cache 1 MB L2 EMMC 16 GB RAM 2 GB DDR4 HDMI Audio Video 2.0a HDMI Audio only 1.4a HDMI IN MHL 3.0 Tx HDR Yes 10-Bit Yes REC.2020 Yes 4K 60p Yes (4K 50p/60p) Auto Framerate 23.976 / 24 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 Hz 23.976 Hz 4K Yes GUI Resolution 1080p 4K HEVC max bitrate 400 Mbps BD Lite Yes (Playlists) Blu-ray/UHD Menus Yes Seamless Branching Yes Subtitle resolution 1080p Multiple external subtitles Yes Multi-coding subtitles Yes Default subtitle setting Yes Default language setting Yes 3D subtitles Yes 3D depth setting Yes MKV 3D MVC Yes Left/Right inversion 3D option Yes Photos HD 8192×8192 pixels max Gold-plated ports Yes Wi-Fi 5G Yes Removable Wi-Fi antennas Yes Audio digital coaxial output Yes Zappiti Share (Multiroom video) Yes (up to 4 rooms in Blu-ray quality) Local network transfer SMB Server / FTP (up to 115 MB/s) Max number of simultaneous transfers No limitation Multi-tasks Yes OTA firmware update Yes USB firmware update with save settings option Yes Discrete IR codes ON/OFF Yes Backlit remote control Yes Smartphone/tablet control Yes Music control without TV Yes Force SD Audio Yes (if Core) Android version 6.0